Mandatum Asset Management’s Private Debt VI strategy raises EUR 155 million in client assets in its first closing


Mandatum Asset Management’s Private Debt program has attracted new investors and increased its existing commitments despite a difficult market environment. Institutional investors from Finland as well as Sweden and Denmark have invested in the Mandatum AM Private Debt strategy.

Mandatum Asset Management’s Private Debt program continues to grow. The first closing for Mandatum AM Private Debt VI strategy was held in March 2023 on EUR 155 million in client commitments. The strategy invests in a diversified portfolio of direct lending and opportunistic credit investments across Europe and the United States, primarily through external managed funds. Mandatum Asset Management has invested a total of approximately three billion euros in private debt funds.

“We have offered our Private Debt program to our clients for eight years already, and it has continued to grow thanks to an increase in the number of new investors and existing commitments – an exceptional achievement in such a challenging market environment. The asset class plays an increasingly significant role, especially in the allocations of institutional investors,” says Jussi Tanninen, Head of Private Debt and Real Estate at Mandatum Asset Management.

The fact that the strategy has also attracted investments from outside Finland speaks to its success.

“Our diversified program has proved its worth in several market environments. We are extremely delighted and proud that our clients have continued to invest with us, and we have welcomed institutional investors not only from Finland but also from Sweden and Denmark. The current credit investment environment is particularly attractive, and we have a long track record of successful investments in it,” Tanninen says.


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