Investing with us

Investing with us

We understand the goals and responsibilities of institutional and other professional investors given our perspective and experience as an end-investor.

Our core strengths

We leverage our investment expertise, long experience and extensive resources to meet the varied needs of our customers.
Our perspective as an end-investor enables us to understand the goals and responsibilities of institutional and other professional investors.
We offer our clients holistic advice given our deep investment expertise across all asset classes.

Mandatum Asset Management manages a total of approximately EUR 19 billion in assets (including EUR 2 billion in uncalled client commitments), within our core investment areas of credit, alternatives and equity selection.

Our products and advisory services are tightly linked to our own way of investing, and we only offer products where we see opportunities ourselves. We also use our own products in our group's balance sheet investments, bringing economies of scale and an alignment of interests with our clients.

We have been investing in our core investment areas for over thirty years, resulting in a strong track record across market cycles. Our extensive experience and broad network of top-tier partners and resources allows us to source attractive investment opportunities for our clients.

Our investment philosophy emphasizes

Investment selection
Bottom-up approach, not top-down
The will and ability to act when the market situation offers opportunities
We utilize a long investment horizon as efficiently as possible

Our core investment areas

We provide our clients with our insight, expertise and resources across all asset classes. Our core investment areas are:

Current strategies

Our current strategies of focus for institutional and other professional investors across our core investment areas include:

Our equity and fixed income UCITS funds can be found here and our real estate special common fund (AIF) can be found here.

Responsible investment

As a signatory of the UN Principles of Responsible Investment, Mandatum Asset Management is committed to promoting economic, social and ecological sustainability in all of our investments and operations. We believe companies that operate responsibly will, in the long run, generate stronger results for our clients.

For this reason, our investment selection not only analyzes potential financial results, but also accounts for potential sustainability risks and factors. We monitor our investments throughout their lifecycle to manage and prevent our investments’ adverse environmental and societal impact.

Given our role as an asset manager and owner, we have a unique perspective on the best and rapidly evolving practices within responsible investment globally. We aim to bring this expertise to benefit our clients and contribute to the continued development of the field as members of various industry organizations.