Real estate portfolios managed by Mandatum Asset Management again rank amongst the best in the GRESB real estate sustainability assessment


Mandatum Group’s real estate portfolio, managed by Mandatum Asset Management (MAM), was ranked among the best in its peer groups in the GRESB real estate sustainability assessment.

This year marks the third time that Mandatum took part in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) sustainability assessment, which measures the sustainability of real estate funds on the level of the entire real estate portfolio.

Mandatum’s direct real estate investments earned four out of five stars again this year. That is the third best result in Mandatum’s peer group in Europe, with Mandatum’s results surpassing its peer group average in every category. The special common fund Mandatum AM Finland Properties II, an alternative fund managed by Mandatum AM AIFM Ltd, received three stars in the assessment and ranked third best in its peer group in Northern Europe.

Mandatum’s direct real estate investments and the special common fund Finland Properties II both received the Green Star designation for their sustainability work. The Green Star designation is granted to real estate investors that receive high scores in both leadership and sustainability measures.

“Our excellent results bear testimony to the fact that we are working with an ever-sharper focus on sustainability, which is an integral part of our real estate investment strategy. Through sustainability measures, such as energy investment projects, we can also improve properties’ cash flow and market value,” says Emilia Riikonen, Mandatum Asset Management’s Head of Real Estate Investments.

MAM has a total of more than a billion euros in real estate assets under management, including both open and closed strategies in the Finnish market as well as investments in funds managed by external partners elsewhere in Europe.

Sustainability and the promotion of sustainability reporting are also a strong focus in the international real estate investments that are under MAM’s management. The company requires, among other things, systematic sustainability reporting, such as GRESB reporting, from its external real estate fund managers. MAM was GRESB’s first Finnish investor member.



GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) is an organisation created together with investors that promotes sustainability in real estate investing. The organisation has created systematic and commensurate global sustainability monitoring, based on standards set and monitored by the independent GRESB Foundation. Its members commit to take part in an annual survey to comprehensively and very accurately measure and report all real estate sustainability aspects.

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